Monday, July 23, 2012

Night 1 (Creating a female bust in Zbrush)

Good evening,

I caved in and decided to buy a tutorial from gnomon, as organic sculpting with busts has always been a trouble for me, So I got my hands on Creating a female bust in Zbrush for 30 dollars, can be found here:

So far i'm having difficulty following it, in the videos he goes slowly, and then speeds up, which leaves me lost at some points, so i'm watching through then attempting to do what I learnt about, here's an update on where I started, and where I'm leaving it off, The biggest problem I have at the  moment is studying muscle groups, I can't really name the muscles that are important, I can't place them, I have experience in traditional drawing, so I have a rough idea of where things are supposed to go, but I can't tell you what muscles form the shape.

So I'll be posting as regularly as I can, and hoping to learn as much as possible this week, though I can't say it will look anything like the end product of the tutorial, but here goes nothing



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