Monday, September 17, 2012

Generic Cyber Girl

Hey there, been recently going through a tough time, hence the lack of updates.

Tried to break a bit of a block going on, and funnily enough, the easiest thing that I could think of was: "LET'S TRY A HUMAN BEING BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT."

This after having horrible things happen in the past when I listen to myself.

Well, she's generic, she's bland, character design is boring, and her helmet looks like a tumor, but it's there.

used some of Mike Jensens Hard Surface Sculpting 2 alpha brushes, so...Copyright to him for that.

So...That's a thing. I guess.



P.S. Screw human beings . I'll go back to anatomy studies and maybe, maybe try a human figure awhile from now.