Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Recovery #1

I may go silent for awhile. 

I'm going to go home today, pack up all distractions, my playstation and all of that etc. Move the desk so I have place to draw and work. 

I need to take this confusion, grief and pain, take this and turn this into rage. Begin anew with a first step. 

I'll see you when I see you. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


So, this is still going. huh?

I think I'll start again.

My last update was 3...4 years ago. and a lot has changed since.

I now work as a professional architectural visualization artist, most of my work can be seen here.

Now that the banality is over, most recently. I was in a car crash, I have a retrograde amnesia and I have lost some motor function.

This has thrown back my abilities in 3d and drawing. and I have to begin again, mainly because I do not remember shit, there are gaps, islands in my memory both long term and short term,

Because I'm a stubborn bastard. (much to my detriment I might add)  I refuse to give up, and instead begin once more, I'll stick the pieces back together, or I'll begin the building blocks anew.

As things come along I will be posting my...reboot of sorts here, and begin once more.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


More wips, etc.

New rule of thumb is i'm posting videos on vimeo to prevent blogspot from compressing my videos to the point where no one can see anything.

And a wip.

Because I love you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I lied.

Said I was going to take a break from projects. I didn't really, went back and worked some while I couldn't sleep.

Worked more on the camera smoothness and added some details, crit welcome as always.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stroke of luck.

Yo, It's been awhile and A lot has happened in that short time.

By some stroke of massive luck and desperate prayer I managed to secure a new job at an architectural rendering company firm, this was a massive favor I think and a chance to prove myself, but the team is helpful and awesome, only problem is that i'm getting exhausted trying to learn as much as I can in the short time i have before I begin, this last week was exceptionally rough.

Here's something I did awhile back, it's still very rough, and it's mainly just placeholders, but I hope ya like it and any critique and advice is welcome.

See ya.



P.S. Used the song Sofa by caravan palace, all rights to them for audio etc.

Thursday, January 24, 2013






Saturday, January 12, 2013

Failures Punctuated By Success.

Copy pasting from my Devinatart again because i'm really not interested in retyping it all

Well, It seems that some Higher power heard me say that I was going to do my best to work as fast and as hard as possible and thought. "Nah."

And so my return to the accursed place I call work began, and after the first week of near to no sleep due to travel time and other unfortunate circumstances, I want to jump out of my window and land on something soft, like my neck.

I've been busy where I can, with the animation (or the setup for the animation, i'm yet to even start rigging) a bit of a setback that the first round was just going to be too much work and it got scrapped. But rather than lose heart, I just started again.

So had a successful night, testing lighting, modelling away, also learnt some nifty features of light cache, which is great.

Hope you guys like the wips.

Image 1 (coloured image):

Starting to build the animation, taken awhile, but I'm liking the progress I made today. I feel kind of annoyed that I purposely made everything skew in a sort of Tim-Burton style of building but in the render it doesn't really translate. I guess i'll have to try and find a way to accentuate the slant.

 Image 2: (B&W)

This was the first run through of the idea for the animation, I went about modelling but at the end of the first day I realized it was too much to tackle so I scrapped the scene.
 (If you're interested for less talk and more art,