Tuesday, April 25, 2017


So, this is still going. huh?

I think I'll start again.

My last update was 3...4 years ago. and a lot has changed since.

I now work as a professional architectural visualization artist, most of my work can be seen here.

Now that the banality is over, most recently. I was in a car crash, I have a retrograde amnesia and I have lost some motor function.

This has thrown back my abilities in 3d and drawing. and I have to begin again, mainly because I do not remember shit, there are gaps, islands in my memory both long term and short term,

Because I'm a stubborn bastard. (much to my detriment I might add)  I refuse to give up, and instead begin once more, I'll stick the pieces back together, or I'll begin the building blocks anew.

As things come along I will be posting my...reboot of sorts here, and begin once more.


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