Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greetings once more.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I'm back in the new year, and I hope you had a chance to rest during the festive period.

I've been going along with illustrating with pen, a fun but at the same time terrifying change as I can't erase anything, ah well, it's fun nonetheless.

I haven't admittedly modelled anything in 3d for quite some time. Buuuut there are some fun fun things underway, and I'm going back to a project I never had the skill to finish.

Sadly though, nothing may appear for a while in 3D... but I have a very muggy, dark and blurred photo of illustrations in so far, preparing for the modelling stage, trying to get a solid design down, focusing on form rather than details, A very close friend of mine who is a brilliant illustrator gladly allowed me to bounce ideas off of him, and so began a back and forth design between us and we're on to something here.

For those who know me personally (Aka Learn3d) The illustrations may seem familiar, and bordering on unhealthy obsession.

The scene itself is to be an animation the storyboard is underway but if time becomes to short I may settle for a still shot, and it will definitely take some time to put together, it is an old scene that I as I mentioned I never had the skill to finish, (Actually I didn't have the ability to start it in all honesty.), Short said it's to be extremely detailed in regards to the interior and the butterfly.

I hope that if you find this interesting that you will drop by from time to time, and thanks for sticking around for the past year, let's have a good start to this one.