Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventures in Texturing part 1

Well, in between lamenting my inability to do anything good in art, and barely sleeping as is, i've been texturing the tram that I created in the last post, I've been experimenting with Painter and vray blend materials, trying to combine 2d and 3d knowledge, you see, it seemed a good idea at the time before I realized that I'm really really bad at painting.

So that's fun.

at the moment i'm going through and unwrapping and hand painting textures, flipping colours around, seeing what works, another exercise in try, fail, carry on. and so on and so forth

feel free to tell me what ya think.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trains, Deviantart, and a badly drawn teddybear.


Been really busy this week, unfortunately haven't had time to draw as much as I want to, (original excuse, yeah.)

But I did manage to sign up to deviantart, which is pretty cool, and it's nothing you haven't seen here, but hey, advertising, right? So swing by, and do something, or don't, whatever floats your fancy.

Here's some updates on the tram i've been working on and the badly drawn teddy bear that I regret ever creating.



Monday, November 12, 2012

Sneak Peeks n tweaks

Yo, well I got back into modelling after awhile break, started this project on friday, and after a weekend of relaxing and copious amounts of gaming and sleep i'm hitting the ground running again with my projects, This is to be a part of an animation i'm doing to put in to my reel, as I'd quite like to follow my dream and become an animator, there aren't many options where I am, but I'll keep working and hoping that I can get something one day.

Other than that, the project itself is a fun idea that will unfold in due time, I'm no good writing, so it's better that I show you as the project progresses.

This so far is my tram that has a convenient chair and steering wheel, something toyish and fun.

I can't so i'm following any structured pipeline, Started the image on paper, then sighed and realized when I started modelling that nothing is going to look like the design that I had in mind so I just decided to pick up the ball and run with it, I also started playing around with some lights in the back, just to get a feel and mood, I did use some reference, really not as much as I should have, but just the basics while I try and find a decent silhouette for the object. Not sure where to take it from here in regards of design and form, but I guess i'll begin refining and see where it takes me.

Hope ya like it



P.S. Seems I forgot to add a picture of the boiler but i'm far too lazy to turn everything back on, so I guess you'll have to wait till next time ;D.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Swing and a...Kind of a hit actually


Watched a recent movie called chernobyl diaries and was inspired to a strange concept, it doesn't really mean anything to anyone else, and it's more of a personal thing to me but it's a concept of Limbo, which is generic and cleche yadda yadda but shut up.

Did this in amongst a few high temperatures on sunday, i quite like it, I enjoy this heavy inking and if you notice the trees in the background (yes they're supposed to be trees) i incorporated some of the painting tools i've learnt in the last week.

Not a perfect piece but i'm certainly happy with it, and the perspective was fun,

hah, now that I think about it, I was bitching to my mentor about the odd perspective and he said:

 "You could just paint it normally and rotate the canvas afterwards."

aaaahhhh I died a little inside after I realized I did it the long way, was quite fun though.

In other news back into some 3d modelling, should have something in the next few days.



sorry about the weird image size, there was too much white, had to crop it down and up, and ended up with a really weird image ratio.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Swing and a miss attempt 1


Decided this week to do a bit of architecture and characters, but I failed, mostly because I've been struck down with an unholy fever from somewhere. and haven't been able to do much, to be honest, I felt guilty about using 3ds max to do the intial blocking out of the scene, but then I realized that it's not really that bad, i'm using tools at my disposal to get to my goal the fastest.

I learnt quite a lot about painting, and I feel sorry for my friends David, Mathias, Singe, Jizhou, and all the rest that had to listen to me scream and yell that this was terrible.

But I guess I pushed on and did as much as my limited knowledge allows me and it's not a bad start to digital painting, and a first architectural idea.

Hope ya like it