Monday, November 5, 2012

Swing and a...Kind of a hit actually


Watched a recent movie called chernobyl diaries and was inspired to a strange concept, it doesn't really mean anything to anyone else, and it's more of a personal thing to me but it's a concept of Limbo, which is generic and cleche yadda yadda but shut up.

Did this in amongst a few high temperatures on sunday, i quite like it, I enjoy this heavy inking and if you notice the trees in the background (yes they're supposed to be trees) i incorporated some of the painting tools i've learnt in the last week.

Not a perfect piece but i'm certainly happy with it, and the perspective was fun,

hah, now that I think about it, I was bitching to my mentor about the odd perspective and he said:

 "You could just paint it normally and rotate the canvas afterwards."

aaaahhhh I died a little inside after I realized I did it the long way, was quite fun though.

In other news back into some 3d modelling, should have something in the next few days.



sorry about the weird image size, there was too much white, had to crop it down and up, and ended up with a really weird image ratio.


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