Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now with more Limey!

Been experimenting with Limey and Vray fast SSS 2, Got him more or less to where I want him to be.

The other renders seemed too much like ocean-water than A jelly-creature.

Anyway, hope you like it, been animating him solidly for the past 6 hours, the project is getting there slowly but surely.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey there

Been busy with rigging and materials and stuff. And here's limey, still working on him but hope you like him at the moment.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm still alive!

What do you know, i'm still kicking, been stressed with college and some major misunderstandings with people.

But here's the continuation of the Wild 9 project, about set to animate him now, was battling with the unwrapping in Max, it's just too unfriendly for my liking so I decided to pick up Headus UV Layout.

Boy oh boy, what a treat! It's amazingly simple and very very friendly despite the retro-style interface.

Anyway, here's the wild 9 model unwrapped etc.  Sorry for the obtuse res, working on two monitors

Hope you like it



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Southern Sun Massage Parlor

Well, first of all let me say that i'm not happy with it, I know that I can do much, much better than this. But unfortunately time was a limitation and they didn't actually give me anything I needed to do the project, nor did they know what they wanted. In the end it's nothing special, but I gave the client what they wanted and they said they loved it,

So yeah. Recap- I don't like it, I gave them what they asked for, end of story, deadline was about 2 and a half days.

I like this whole freelance thing, and I hope to continue doing so, though I do hope for clients in the future that tell me what they want, and a better time limit so I can actually produce something better.

Oh yes, this design is going to be on the 32nd floor of the Southern Sun Hotel in Durban

Rendering was done in Mental Ray, just cause I can.

Hope you like it



P.S. And before you max classmates of mine butcher me with sticks, I just did what they told me D:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Good News

Got the freelance job, designing a massage parlor on the 32nd floor of a hotel on the Durban beachfront, not  much to work with reference wise but making it do. Feeling a bit uninspired though, been learning a lot these past few months and certainly better than what I was, but I feel that I haven't been producing anything really.

Ah well, will post pics of the designed parlor when I'm done.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drumkit re revisited (The last time I promise)

Something was bugging me in the image, not sure what, this is what I decided on in the end, Probably the last time i'll use this project, actually submitting it to Celldweller at fixtonline hoping to score a spot in the new Wish upon a Blackstar album. Hope you like it, Won't touch this project again except for final year animation.



P.S On another note, pretty happy, got my first freelance job tomorrow, designing a Massage Parlor room, hoping to get some nice cash from it.