Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hard Surface Night 1 (Baby steps)


Started with the dvd tonight, took me awhile, but I learnt the basics of masking and extruding in zbrush, it's absurdly tricky given the tools and getting used to the interface, learned how to use zpsheres as well as the transform tools (move, rotate, scale) among a few other nifty tools, here's a few pngs from creation of a sphere to masking and extruding different elements to create a hard surface.

Going on to the second chapter tomorrow titled "Clipping Brushes."

On another note, I highly suggest buying this dvd, it's really educational and fun to do, best part being is that you can borrow heavily from what you've been taught, and create something unique of your own, I intend to put a few spins on the design, provided I don't end up hindering how much I can learn. So who knows what will happen in the future, anyway, cheers for now.



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