Sunday, January 30, 2011

Studies and...Buddies? pt.2

Lo again.

Wasn't quite finished with studying for the day so I have a whole bag of goodies to show to those who may be interested (Not you Steve.)

Started a study in how to do lighting and shifts in a day / night scene.

Things I learnt this lesson were thus

Part 1 (daytime):

•Use a Daylight system to illuminate scenes set in the daytime.

•Set up illumination based on the scene’s geographic location, orientation, and time of day.

•Use the Sky Portal object to gather skylight and apply it to the interior of buildings.

•Adjust scene exposure.

Part 2 (nighttime):

•Place photometric lights in a scene and adjust light color.

•Set shadow parameters so lights cast shadows properly.

•Change the exposure for a nighttime scene.

•Use a bitmap image as the scene background and adjust its output to compensate for night lighting conditions.

And there ya have it :D the following are just the images from 9:00am, 14:00, and 17:00 respectively.

The night works are renders of the Wip while I was adding in and working on details.

And for nighttime


Music - Celldweller Own little world - we will never die remix

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