Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Army Compound Bump Mapping


Today I started on Bump Mapping.

From the information and instructions they gave me the goal of the assignment was:

•Applying a basic material to change an object’s color or shininess (the oil tanks and the fence piping)
•Applying a 3D procedural map to create a patterned material (the generators and the sentry bar)
•Applying a Diffuse or “texture” map to give an object a photorealistic pattern (the ammunition canister, the terrain, and almost all of the building surfaces)
•Using the UVW Map modifier to control the projection, orientation, and scale of texture mapping
We also showed how to copy UVW Map from one object to another when the objects share the same material.

•Using bump mapping to give a 3D appearance to a textured material (most of the materials on the buildings)
•Using opacity mapping to make a material partially transparent (the chain-link fence)
•Using the object-space Mapscaler modifier to project a map onto a complicated shape (the roof of the house)

I think I did pretty well. Was a fun excercise, attached are the before and after pictures.

What they gave me to start off with and what I ended up producing:

Getting used to the program is coming along smoothly and I can't wait to start the actual course, almost finished the bunch of tutorials they gave me.

See ya later



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