Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oodles and Doodles

Well, here are the first of the bits and bobs of what I do. I'm by no means the greatest artist, but I at least have the determination to become better than I am now. Admittedly in a fit of rage at my current inability to draw to the standards that I want I haven't draw in about 2 weeks, so these are all old images.

Secondly. You may notice that here and there in my works are mimics (copies) of professional work such as Loomis or Boris Vallejo. When I'm out of inspiration I like to try and copy the 'masters' to see how far I can get and what I can learn from them and I also like the styles so hoping with constant mimic and mashing that I could be able to develop my own unique style. (I have high hopes)


  1. Lovely work! The first one reminds me a bit of Luis Royo's art - that in itself is a compliment, I hope ;P

    Unfortunately I happen to be but a mere writer, so my artistic appraisal skills are rather basic, but both drawings just look fantastic to me. Well done!

  2. I really wish I had your talent. Good work.