Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well, i'm not sure where this came along, this evening I had no drive to draw, no real ambition to tackle anything, and then I just started scribbling, and along came Riley.

What's interesting, to me at least, is that for the years that I was drawing, I never really enjoyed myself, I was always worried about how good the picture would look in the eyes of my peers (Both real and imaginary). I was never happy with the shading, proportion or anatomy, while this drive to become better isn't a bad thing in itself, the fixation of perfection eventually strangled anything creative I could muster, I fear this is also the trap i've fallen in to with my 3D modelling, unwilling to start and experiment for fear of making a mistake. 

It's almost poetically tragic how in my fear of doing something wrong, I did nothing and stagnated. 

In a long-winded way, here we come to Riley, a picture I didn't care about, and started scribbling, and two hours later, I feel that here i've made more progress developing my own style and joy in drawing than years of copying portraits and photographs. 

Here's the images of where I started and where I left off. 



P.S. as an afterthought, this particular picture isn't good in technical ability nor anything really, but, in my own way, i'm learning to stop caring and start enjoying what i'm doing. Sooner or later i'll get back to anatomy studies and 3d design visualization, but for now. I'm content.

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