Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well, in an unexpected turn of events, I've started drawing again after a long absence and a sinking feeling that i'd never pick up a pencil again.

Mostly because I have no faith in myself and feel that I have no ability after years of practice, partly because i'm just too tired these days.

But my friend Mathias Damegaeardegd, asked me to illustrate a character for a Dungeons and Dragons session named Bob.

Bob is a Kobold whose head was chopped off, and his soul was trapped into a glass jar, which was put on his head, followed by a smiley face being put on the jar.

I used a picture that I was given to take the pose. so the pose is not mine, but I did the inking with help and advice from my long term friend and mentor in Finland, Jizhou Yang. I'm still convincing him to start a blog, but hey. who knows what'll happen.

Don't really have an opinion on the image, it served it's purpose and it may have got me back into the swing of drawing, I actually really like this comic-type style, really fun to do. so, without further delay, here's the image.

If you lack the patience to listen to my rambling, just look at the picture.



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