Sunday, May 1, 2011


You know, i've noticed a rather startling trend.

On websites such as the ever-popular Deviantart there seems to be ample amounts of false praise and ass-kissing to such degrees that I begin to worry about the oral-hygiene of most of the users there.

(Note: I am in no way trying to insinuate I am better than artists on deviantart, there are many talented artists there much better than I am now *insert apology for the impending rant*)

One thing stands out, above the awful anthromorphic drawings and  the plagiarized characters to hell and back (I'm looking at you  X The hedgehog #1235125135)  it's the remarkable lack of ability to take criticism  or critique I should say.  If someone critiques your work and finds something out of place it seems to be common knowledge that they are immediately worse than Satan and want to kill your firstborn, it also seems customary that you immediately have to disregard what they are trying to tell you by using the forbidden words:

"It's my style."

Now there are many, many, MANY things about this statement that make me want to stab my groin with a broken beer bottle. First and foremost being that 9 times out of 10 people completely disregard the advice given to them and continue to make the same BAD mistakes and cover it up under pretense of style. I myself have done this in the past, as much as it pains me to realize and only fairly recently have I figured out something quite simple.

Animation / cartoons = Exaggerated normality

Therefore if one is to get better at cartoons they should first learn the basics of realism;aldskdnga;sdkngsadg

Sorry about that I lost interest in what I was saying.

In short

Know the rules so you can break them properly and also remember if you want critique and someone finds many things out with your precious drawing. They are not trying to harm you, only help.

In retrospect after reading what I just wrote I really do need to learn to follow my own advice, maybe then i'd improve faster. ... That's for another time, now to make some coffee

Happy 1st of May Day



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  1. Common sense is what this partocular piece is made of. Too bad that the thing you are pointing out will only be read by people who don't need to read it.