Wednesday, October 24, 2012

100th post goodness and late night thoughts

Hey there,

it's been awhile, but i'm back. it's a rather cold, late night here in Johannesburg, and someone very dear to me has gone on a long trip, so the night seems ever darker.

Yet, I feel euphoric, this is the start of something new, something grand, a time where I can practice as hard as possible, for as long as possible in my passion, 2d and 3d. This, this right here is what I live for.

You know, I had a misconception of what art was like. It's not what hollywood portrays, there's no tough practice with angels singing choirs in the background followed by a "EURIKA", there's nothing of the sort, it's gaining knowledge and applying it, learning the rules of reality in order to break them. Knowing anatomy to know where to exaggerate, understanding lighting to pull the emotions, putting the hours into cinematography to add to the emotion of the overall piece. It's hard, it's a perpetual battle against oneself, and the hope that one day, you will get to where you need to be.

I've taken a break from 3d for the past 2 or was it 3 weeks? Brushed back up on my pencil skills. When I was working and studying last year, I poured all time and effort into working in 3d, and I doubted for awhile there that I would ever illustrate again. A lot of the stuff is messy, and I apologize in advance that I don't have a scanner. But here are some of the things that i've done, along with my dear companion Meghan, (she did all the hard bits. :D ) Sadly, due to internet, and well, practicality, I decided not to upload 30 or 40 sketches and drawings of gestures, so you get a random few pages from my sketchbook to prove that I am not, in fact lying. (Or maybe i'm just proud of some of the stuff, unthinkable thoughts.)

And yeah. So that's where we leave it, a new beginning on my 100th post.

See you guys next time round.

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