Friday, March 18, 2011

Sax Man

Hey there

Sorry about the lack of updates, been really sick of late and haven't had much time to do anything except curl into the fetal position and wish for death.

Buuut here is a quick concept sketch, normally I like to tend towards the dark and edgy type storyline, but we were challeneged to get out of our box.

And out came Poppy, this here character:

The story so far is just going to be a fun little story of a little going on an adventure, was going to be about the seedling trying to make his way back home, on the way he'll meet an abundance of interesting characters including Gecko riding cowboy-type mushrooms and a wise old owl.

Just a fun project, though if anyone has any fun ideas to be added please feel free to comment.
With the added time coming up and trying to make something of myself before I turn 20 (just over 2 weeks away) and perhaps trying to scrape together some semblence of skill going to try and get into something other than real life, prolly character design just for the fun of it so hey, if you're interested in what I can pull together with my new shiny tablet please do stop by.

And just for the fun of it. We're learning to use our modelling tools in the course and here is the current project. It's pretty bad but hey, you gotta learn to walk before you can run, right?


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